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California, November, 2003
Click Here for my trip to California photos! In November (2003) I went to California for a little break.
Here are the photos from my trip.

I stayed at the Park Inn International @ Anaheim (A three-star hotel right across the road from Disney.), visited Disney, spent some time with some friends, and took the train into L.A. for a Day!

New York City, 2004

Washington, DC, April, 2005
April 10-14th, 2005, I went to Washington, DC with my brother Peter.
Here are the photos from that trip.

National Air and Space - Set 1 Mostly Pictures of aircraft

National Air and Space - Set 2 More pictures of aircraft, and spacecraft

National Air and Space, The Mall, Udvar-Hazy Center - Set 3 Pics of aircraft / space craft, the national mall (the archives building, and the capitol), and some of the Smithsonian Hanger (Udvar-Hazy) aircraft

Udvar-Hazy Center - Set 4 Aircraft at the Udvar-Hazy hangar

Udvar-Hazy Center, National Zoo, Restaurant - Set 5 More aircraft, a few shots from a whirl wind tour of the National Zoo (I need to go back!), and some pics from a restraunt, of myself, peter, my friend Greg Smith, Hope Kondrk, and Bob Kondrk.

Natural History Museum, The White House - Set 6 Pictures of the dinos at the Natural History Museum, the Hope diamond, and The White House!

The National Mall - Set 7 The national mall, Lincon Memorial, WW2 Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the monuments.

DC has to be one of my favorite cities :) The Metro is just awesome. My only complaint - the food and the food service. If anyone knows some good places to eat in DC, email me!

Mt. Mansfield, VT 2005
A few pictures from the "Nose" of Mt. Mansfield, Vermont.
Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7

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